Powers of Bush

Copyright 2004 Unwatchable Films

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Window Media video and sound, 5.6MB.

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Artist's Statement:

This endless video loop uses about 10,000 images collected from the Internet and television to paint receding slow motion portraits of President Bush making his State of the Union address. Each segment features different aspects of the United States war on Iraq: the administration that ordered it, the soldiers who have died in it, the equipment used to wage it, Iraqis injured, killed and tortured in it, and scenes of its aftermath. Each frame contains between 900 and 1800 individual images, none of which is exactly repeated in a single frame. As the images recede they coalesce into a new image of the man who made it all possible, President Bush.

This video was generated with software tools written by the artist. The software analyzes video looking for segments with unique color and shape. The analysis is used to locate images that best match the 900 tiles of each frame of the video of President Bush delivering his address. It takes approximately ten minutes to render one second of video.

The soundtrack is a mix of President Bush speaking at the rate that he is shown, 1/8 real speed, and a shorter loop of what he is saying at normal speed with filtering and reverberation.